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Our passion for volleyball and basketball is only rivaled by yours. 

Authentic Schelde products and familiar, helpful people are now accessible through a new and improved direct distribution model.

Our people know volleyball, love volleyball, and bring decades of experience empowering many of the best US programs to create functionally beautiful facilities. 

Our experience installing thousands of system is what qualifies us to help you. 

Our empathy for coaches is what motivates us to deliver creative and energetic responses to every request.

You can trust our products, knowledge, and willingness to lace up our sneakers and help your program succeed.

Innovative Sporting Equipment For Professional Sports

Schelde Products + Service Parts


Long-term value and reliability are assured when you use authentic Schelde Sports products. 

Superior Customer Service


Authentic Schelde products are now available direct through a customer service system that's more responsive than ever

Made in the USA


A bigger, better commitment to North America includes US-based manufacturing and engineering that meet Schelde quality standards.


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Schelde’s engineering invented Spring loaded basketball units in the early 1980’s.  Before that all portable units had hydraulic systems to lift them.  They leaked and required electricity.  Now one person can lift a unit into place with the SAM spring assisted mechanism.

Another addition invented by Schelde is an automatic lifting system DSF dynamic subframe and APF automatic pedestal feet.  This automatically levels and sets the unit at the correct height by simply lifting the unit into playing position.


Schelde engineers invented the very first light weight volleyball equipment and the flagship model – Infinity system – is still one of the most versatile, easy to use and popular system out there. Today, most volleyball equipment companies make a lightweight model because of Schelde’s lead starting back in the early 80’s.  Our net design with 4 point attachment saves a lot of set up time and we have moved into carbon fiber posts.  We continue to innovate and improve.


The engineering staff is not sitting on their hands now – Schelde continues to bring game and market changing products to market.  Our tag line – Superior by Design is not just for show – it is what we do.

Both basketball and volleyball equipment have been changed by Schelde’s lead in developing the products mentioned above.


Our goal is always to design equipment that is durable and easy to use on a day to day basis.  Our equipment not only works well and is of great design but it saves users time every day so they can focus on the sport and not the equipment.


"Thank you very much for your fantastic customer service and quick turn-around. Very impressive!"

-Jon Reimer


Activities Director, Superior Douglas County Family YMCA,

Superior, Wisconsin

"You guys are the best! Even the people I spoke with in the warehouse had amazing customer service. Thanks for providing top notch care!"

-Evan Przybysz


Sports Director, YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids - David D. Hunting YMCA

Grand Rapids, Michigan

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