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Schelde's passion for volleyball is only rivaled by yours.

You've trained hard, mentally prepared, and are at the top of he game you love, but sometimes your role is to sit on the bench and be supportive. A great experience on the court starts with equipment that reliably and elegantly blends into the background, and supports the team when called upon.

Schelde Equipment is designed, engineered, built and installed to be that superior team player. You can count on authentic Schelde equipment to perform - season after season, year after year - so all you need to think about is the game.

Schelde has been around for more than 100 years. We innovate game-changing products - like the first lightweight, yet indestructible, volleyball system introduced in the 1980's - for people who love their game. Schelde innovation continues with the new products designed exclusively for North America featured on this site.

We invite you to browse and learn about the new innovations

that are born of our passion to fuel yours.


“Each Schelde customer deserves our complete attention. When we deliver product and service excellence, coaches can focus on the important stuff – developing great kids and programs.”  

– David Noe

President of Schelde North America


“I’ve played at the highest levels of the sport, and have represented superior Schelde equipment for 20+ years. I’m thrilled about Schelde’s enhanced commitment to the sport we love, and I know you will be too.”  

– Madelyn Meneghetti

Vice President of Schelde North America

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